Movies I Distinctly Remember Watching In 2016

Most in a theater. Some on a plane. Most for the first time. Some for the first time in years. A work in progress that I will update continuously till 2017. I'll try and remember why and where and how I felt afterwards and add my 2 cents. And I'll start ranking this shit. Keep watching.
  1. Arrival
    Loved it. Made me think a million overwhelming thoughts. Bonus points for weird Sheena Easton-reference.
  2. Los Angeles Plays Itself
    Absolutely fascinating and all-encompassing documentary about cinema, society, geography, humans...politics...this is a God dream, this is everything. Loved it.
  3. DePalma
    Completely engrossing, candid and fun. Loved it.
  4. Allied
    Saw it last night. Glossy, old school romance and suspense. Into it.
  5. Christine
    I've been very fascinated with this story, so expectations were high and not entirely met. Tricky.
  6. The Girl On The Train
    Like the story, but film felt clumsy and out of step.
  7. The Jazz Loft According To W. Eugene Smith
    Great document of NYC in the 50s and 60s. Great photo, jazz and life vibes. Loved it.
  8. Moonlight
    Tremendously intimate and powerful. Loved it.
  9. Truth Or Dare
    I talked about this in my birthday-list. Really exciting and ahead of its time. Loved it.
  10. Knight Of Cups
    It helped that I sorta knew what I was in for and have been listening mainly to ambient music this year. Intriguing/frustrating. Into it.
  11. Race
    Great story, film felt like a Lifetime movie. Missed opportunity.
  12. Blow out
    Even better than I remembered. Love it.
  13. Mapplethorpe: Look At The Picture
    Essential. Loved it.
  14. Michael Moore in Trumpland
    Hated it. Such a missed opportunity, rhetorically, politically, cinematically. Basically just a clumsily edited and performed never-ending, awkward stand up set. No wonder Trump won if this is all a seemingly smart and sensible guy like Moore could make of his argument on behalf of Americans leaning left.
  15. Doctor Strange
    I was sleepy and jet lagged, per usual. I've no idea what was going on. But I did like Inception a lot.
  16. London Has Fallen
    Have I not promoted this film enough already? Terrible. Has given me so much joy.
  17. After Hours
    Bizarre, fun and sorta compelling. Soho in the 80s vibes are strong. Probably better on VHS.
  18. Rosemari
    Good Norwegian film, good story, amazing lead, some story elements didn't quite convince: the local tv show, the porn premise. Please watch.
  19. Snowden
    Snowden probably deserves better, but that's nothing new. Engaging, if predictably righteous and heavy handed.
  20. Jack Reacher
    Hell yeah.
  21. The Lobster
    Hated it/loved it.
  22. The Intern
    Cried many times (saw it on a plane).
  23. Strange Days
    Loved this as a teenager. Has held up incredibly well. What a story, what a performance by Angela Bassett.
  24. The Fallen Idol
    Really good story, elegantly told. Loved it.
  25. Masterminds
    I laughed all the time.
  26. In & Out
    Still good.
  27. Obsession
    As laughable and silly as the first time I saw it, mainly due to the male lead being so horribly miscast. Poor guy. Faux-Hitchcock, plays more like a parody than a tribute. Cool score though (Bernard Herrmann).
  28. Don't Think Twice
    Liked this so much more than I thought I would. Avoids most of the pitfalls of this kind of underdog-but-insider story. Strong.
  29. Shallows
    Frustrating and sometimes fun. Sharks are cool.
  30. Popstar
    Loved it.
  31. Keanu
    Hated it.
  32. Femme Fatale
    Ridiculous and flawed, but with its moments of glory. Many idiotic, sexy moments of pleasure. Curious about the fake Cannes-film within the film.
  33. The Hateful Eight
    Hated it. Only good scene was the blow-job-in-the-snow scene. The rest bored me to tears. And the violence did not feel earned or justified.
  34. Joy
    Wished it was better and flowed more efficiently. Great story and performances.
  35. The Revenant
    Paper-thin, really amazing cinema.
  36. Carol
    So beautifully acted and shot you foolishly worry it's too much. But I loved it.
  37. Son Of Saul
    Incredible. Masterpiece of cinema.
  38. Fargo
    Fell asleep this time too. But I guess it's a classic.
  39. Where To Invade Next
    Liked it. Good sentiment, lots to learn, if a little over-simplified, I'm sure. If only the right people would see it and change their minds, heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race?
  40. The Brothers Grimsby
    Disgusting. Laughed a lot.
  41. Midnight Special
    On a plane somewhere above the clouds. Liked it a lot.
  42. Cafe Society
    I've felt that recent Allen films have lacked grace, vibe and attention to detail. Like he's phoning it in, who's I suppose he's admit sometimes. This one felt different to me. It felt truly inspired. Great story, doesn't develop the way you (I) think, great performances, vibes and ending. Loved it.
  43. OJ : Made In America
    Saw this at home on TV so it almost doesn't count. But it's such incredible work that I'll include it just to say it's a masterpiece.
  44. Born To Be Blue
    Really wanted this to be good, but I found it so very frustrating that we only see Chet at the start of his downfall, without having access to him in his glory. And why on earth would you have Ethan Hawke sing when he sounds nothing like Chet Baker? That voice is the key. Baffling. Everything happens to him.
  45. The Witness
    Relentless, thought-provoking, infuriating. Loved it.
  46. Deadpool
    Fun, but I get so tired of this kind of snappy violence and snappy dialogue after a while up there in the sky.
  47. Weiner
    Loved it. Never seen anything like it in terms of documentaries and access. Beyond belief. A story and character you can't make up. Brilliant, funny, sad.
  48. A Bigger Splash
    I feel I've seen this kind of decadent out of touch euro-gloss film too many times before, but fuck it, I enjoyed it.
  49. Hail, Caesar
    Thought I loved it...but I lied.
  50. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    Frustrating premise and kinda fun, although I don't really remember how it ended.
  51. The Nice Guys
    Liked it a lot, it's really funny and old-school, but the violence tired me after a while.
  52. Team Foxcatcher
    Like a surreal, bad dream. Stranger than fiction. Loved it.
  53. Bridget Jones' Baby
    Liked it more than I thought I'd hate it. But it's lazy and proud of it, which is not enough.
  54. Absolute Fabulous - The Movie
    Thought this might be fun but it was pure terror.
  55. Kongens Nei
    Pretty good Norwegian history lesson, if clearly in awe of the monarchy and burden that came with the king's immense and archaic privilege.
  56. Ingrid Bergman In Her Own Words
    Fantastic. Love her. A pioneer. Loved it.
  57. How To Be Single
    Fuck it, I quite liked this. Dakota is wonderful to me.
  58. Los Sures
    Williamsburg, Brooklyn pre-gentrification history lesson. Incredible document. Loved it.
  59. Ghostbusters
    Felt not quite effortlessly inspired enough for a comedy, but not bad.
  60. The Fits
    Quite liked it, but felt more like it would have been the best short ever.
  61. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
    It was ok. Buddy Christopher Abbott was brilliant, of course.
  62. Miles Ahead
    Frustrating and sometimes fun, like Miles. But also confused and misguided. Like Miles, I suppose. Couldn't overcome certain music-bio pitfalls that it seemed to pretend it was above by being a caper film for some reason. Wished it was better.
  63. Me Before You
    Ridiculous and moving. Can't remember if I cried, but it really, REALLY wanted me to.
  64. Anomalisa
    Was in such a state when I saw this. Like a bad, surreal, but real, dream you can't excuse yourself from. Like the guy in the movie. So strong. Loved it.
  65. Summer of Sam
    Another one of my secret teenage favorites that I saw for the first time on the big this year. Unrelenting and animated portrait of sweaty, sinful, paranoid late 70s NYC vibes. Loved it even more now that I understood most of what was going on.
  66. Bad Moms
    Most amusing was the hilarious premise that Mila Kunis is an undesirable grey suburban mouse. Many fascinating scenarios to shrug at. Occasionally funny, occasionally so idiotic and sterile in its uninspired gloss that it feels like an overlong sitcom episode you accidentally find yourself watching. Should've watched it on a plane.
  67. Cave
    Norwegian thriller that spooks you quite effectively and regularly. Loses its cool at the very end, as we all do, I'm sure. Into it.
  68. Mike and Dave need wedding dates
    Fell asleep somewhere around the middle. Woke in time for our leads to learn their lesson. Don't watch this movie.
  69. The Commune (Kollektivet)
    One of the best movie experiences I ever had on a plane. Danish. Brilliant. Trine Dyrholm is so good. Loved it.
  70. Nocturnal Animals
    Saw it yesterday. Feels like my favorite of 2016. Such a compelling, complex story, elegantly and efficiently told. Really good performances and cast, except Arnie Hammer who appeared miscast (I believed his relationship was failing, I did not believe he had been in it for 19 years). The scene on the highway in Texas is an instant, terrifying classic. Art, high society "art", realism vs idealism, classism, fiction, love, many good themes, so many layers. Did I tell you I loved it?
  71. Flaskepost fra P
    Danish crime that I think I enjoyed. I remember some beautiful, sweeping cinematography, and yet somehow I remember it as feeling more like a TV movie. Perhaps that's unfair. Actors were good, but some plot developments felt too convenient. I think.
  72. 45 years
    OMG how could I forget. This is a mini masterpiece, and the source of so many good discussions and readings. Such a great story. Rampling is phenomenal. Overwhelming. Loved it.
  73. Pyromanen
    I know us Norwegians are known to be a people of few words, but the dialogue in this film frustrated me at times - I just didn't believe that these people would say so little to each other, and ask each other so few of the obvious questions that came to me as a viewer. Other than that I quite liked it - great cinematography, great story, great lead actor. Based on a book based on a real life arsonist in a Norwegian small town. Into it.
  74. 13th
    Should be mandatory viewing for every American. Hard to say "loved it" about a true story so disgraceful. But it's a phenomenal piece of documentary film making.
  75. Perfect strangers
    Enjoyable premise and performances, but loses its steam towards the end as it becomes overly moralistic and serious. Also, the uninspired score ruined some of the key moments.
  76. Hologram for the king
    Grew to quite enjoy this on a flight last night. Happy new year!
  77. La la land
    I saw this the other day - IN 2017 - but let's let it slide. I hadn't realized it was a legit musical, which might've made me even more skeptical to the whole endeavor. The opening scene frightened me a bit. But in all honesty I was completely seduced by the music, performances and story, almost throughout. I shall not feign hipster nonchalance. I quite loved it.