Just add lots of money and you'll have a great time at these fine establishments. (As requested by @tothemaxxx).
  1. KAMAI - great new bao and sushi place. Casual vibes in cafe, more extensive vibes (and reservation recommended) in backyard restaurant.
  2. TERRITORIET - my favorite bar in Oslo. Conveniently located right around the corner from Kamai. Put a record on from their extensive collection. Wine, gin tonic and little delicacies.
  3. PARKTEATRET - my favorite venue to perform in, and among my favorite bars to end up in, any night of the week.
  4. TORGGATA BOTANISKE - beautiful, green bar. Great cocktails.
  5. THEATERCAFEEN - beautiful, old Europe, continental dining and bar. Expensive and adult, but I love it.
  6. ROBINET - tiny but excellent bar for late hours, if there's room left for you.
    They don't even have an internet presence, ask locals. Pronounced "Robineeey".
  7. JONOE SUSHI - classy casual sushi place, although they always play the same John Mayer album on repeat.
  8. NEW ANARKALI - wonderful Indian restaurant.
  9. CAFÉ MONO - essential indie rock venue and bar.
  10. ILLLEGAL BURGER - pretty good burger (for Norway).
  11. VILLA PARADISO - wonderful vibes and pizza (great breakfast also).
  12. ANGST BAR - fun bar for a lively night.
  13. FEINSCHMECKER - old school up-scale restaurant. Run by my late grandma's cousin's son, Lars Erik!
  14. HELL'S KITCHEN - good pizza, nice bar late at night.
  15. TRATTORIA POPOLARE - strong Italian restaurant.
  16. FUGLEN - elegant cocktail bar, retro interiors. (Also have a branch in Tokyo, if that's closer).
  17. KAFFISTOVA - simple, everyday traditional Norwegian husmannskost restaurant.
  18. SMALHANS - fun fancy-pants traditional Norwegian restaurant.
  19. KULTURHUSET - I reckon this big culture and arts bar is a good place to socialize and meet strangers for an outsider in Oslo.
  20. LOFTHUS SAMVIRKELAG - strong pizza game.
  21. INGENSTEDS - arts bar by the sexy Akers river.
  22. ARAKATAKA - classy but cool fancy restaurant.
  23. MCDONALDS - we have those too, in case of unfortunate late night emergencies.