Some of her most inspired work, no joke.
  1. The sire of sorrow (Job's sad song)
    Let me speak / Let me spit out my bitterness / Born of grief and nights without sleep / And festering flesh / Do you have eyes? / Can you see like mankind sees? / Why have you soured and curdled me? / Oh, you tireless watcher / What have I done to you? / That you make everything I dread and everything I fear / Come true
  2. Passion play
    Enter the multitudes / In Exxon blue / In radiation rose / Ecstasy / Now you tell me / Who you gonna get to do the dirty work / When all the slaves are free?
  3. Taming the tiger
    The moon shed light / On my hopeless plight / As the radio blared so bland / Every disc, a poker chip / Every song just a one night stand / Formula music, girly guile / Genuine junkfood for juveniles / Up and down the dial / Mercenary style / (...) I'm so sick of this game / It's hip, it's hot / Life's too short, the whole thing's gotten boring! / The old man is snoring / And I'm taming the tiger
  4. Come in from the cold
    I feel your leg under the table / Leaning into mine I feel renewed, I feel disabled / By these bonfires in my spine / I don't know who the arsonist was /Which incendiary soul / But all I ever wanted / Was just to come in from the cold
  5. Not to blame
    Six hundred thousand doctors / Are putting on rubber gloves / And they're poking / At the miseries made of love / They say they're learning how to spot / The battered wives / Among all the women they see bleeding through their lives / I bleed for your perversity / These red words that make a stain / On your white-washed claim that /She was out of line / And you were not to blame
  6. Night ride home
    Once in a while / In a big blue moon / There comes a night like this / Like some surrealist invented this 4th of July / Night Ride Home
  7. Cherokee Louise
    Ever since we turned 13 / It's like a minefield walking to the door / Going out you get the 3rd degree / And comin' in you get the 3rd World War / Tuesday after school / We put our pennies on the rails / And when the train went by / We were jumpin' 'round like fools / Goin', "Look, no heads or tails" / Goin', "Look, my lucky prize" / She runs home to her foster dad / He opens up a zipper / And he yanks her to her knees / Oh please be here, please / My friend poor Cherokee Louise
  8. Borderline
    Why are you smirking at your friend? / Is this to be the night when / All well-wishing ends? / All credibility revoked? / Thin skin thick jokes! / Can we blame it on the smoke / This borderline? / Every bristling shaft of pride / Church or nation /Team or tribe / Every notion we subscribe to / Is just a borderline / Good or bad we think we know / As if thinking makes things so! / All convictions grow along a borderline
  9. The beat of black wings
    He said "I never had nothin' / Nothin' I could believe in / My girl killed our unborn child / Without even grievin / I put my hands on her belly / To feel the kid kickin' / Damn! She'd been to some clinic / Oh the beat of black wings"
  10. That last one is from the 80s, deal with it.
  11. I've made a Spotify playlist with all these and more great 90s Joni gems that you can follow here:
  12. Please enjoy.