Last night we celebrated the magic of @list, live in Brooklyn. I got real emotional talking about Gerard Butler.
  1. I was there with the amazing @savoy @Grosstastic @dev and my lover @linniiie (the photo bomber in the back had other plans).
    I'd follow them anywhere.
  2. All the performers were so strong, so inspiring.
    But @olive was my favorite. You should follow Olive.
  3. Everybody I met were so kind, so warm.
    But @Waz told me he lost his virginity to Two Way Monologue, so inevitably he was my favorite. Ironically, when I wrote Two Way Monologue I had yet to lose my own virginity. Makes you think.
  4. I was my typical jet lagged self.
    Thankfully I managed to stay somewhat coherent (debatable) as the night wore on. I wish I could've stayed longer, small talked with the brilliant @richardcurtis, had more to drink, more of everything. But I was fading fast.
  5. After riffing on my smug list about the major motion picture 'London Has Fallen' with @bjnovak & @Nicholas, I got paranoid that Gerard Butler had been in the audience.
    Would I be quite so cocky and obnoxious at Gerard Butler's expense TO HIS FACE? Made me think.
  6. I felt somewhat catty and dirty, the way I tend to if I've gotten carried away, said too much, too loud, or tried to be funny or cool at the expense of someone else's major motion picture franchise.
    Gerard Butler makes me so emotional.
  7. I started seeing Gerard Butler's face everywhere.
    Is Gerard Butler, too, merely a human person? Am I just a brat?
  8. Did I regret ridiculing Gerard Butler's silly little film?
    Who am I to judge Gerard Butler so harshly? I'm sure Gerard Butler is a hard worker who loves what he does and is tremendously thankful for his significant fortune and the fact that he's come so far in the major motion picture industry, in spite of haters such as I. I am but a poor so and so who had the misfortune of paying money to see an impressively half-hearted and uninspired blockbuster, all by myself. I should've known better, but in my defense I was bored and lonely.
  9. I wonder if Gerard Butler ever gets bored and lonely?
  10. Last night @Nicholas reminded us all that Gerard Butler also was in that terrible, terrible 2004 remake of Phantom Of The Opera.
    I actually remember seeing it with my friend Julian, a lover of musicals, and laughing mockingly during the most tender/hilarious moments. Inevitably, I ruined my friend's experience of a film he was looking forward to seeing. It wasn't right. Now I feel bad about that too.
  11. I bet Gerard Butler is super-nice, "totally down to earth", and appropriately self-deprecating when it comes to his many terrible films and continuous endeavors as a thespian.
    I also suspect Gerard Butler has better things to do than to publicly mock a obscure Norwegian singer/songwriter's life's work.
  12. So seeing as I've spent so much time warning people about the trainwreck that, in all fairness, is 'London Has Fallen', I feel the need to restore balance in my own universe by talking up something I truly love.
    The album 'Malibu' by Anderson Paak is still one of the highlights of 2016. Do yourself a favor and check it out. It's so good.
  13. Crossing fingers for a 'London Has Fallen' sequel set in Bergen, and future @list live events, with or without Gerard Butler in the audience.
    There'll always be a special list in my heart for that lovable, nimble jazz cat Gerard Butler.