Do you play dumb sometimes cause you don't like correcting people? That's no way to be! Do you find it hard to approach strangers? They're only human too! It's time to improve your (my) crazy ways. One GIF at a time.
  1. I'm generally a very social and outgoing person.
  2. But certain things are a challenge.
  3. Often I don't have the heart to correct people when I know for a fact that the thing they just said in casual conversation was incorrect. Apparently, I'd rather play dumb and play along. I even have a hard time letting taxi drivers know when they've made a wrong turn. That's just dumb.
  4. Often I don't have the guts to let someone know when they're doing something that confuses or frustrates me. I don't like pointing out people's flaws. Inevitably this can cause you to be upset about things you haven't even given that person a chance to improve. That's just dumb.
  5. The tendency to not wanna tell people what to do or how to be is not all bad. I don't believe in changing, censoring, controlling someone I care about. I wanna feel that I can handle people as they are. But by not expressing myself, you could argue that I'm being misleading, phony and robbing them of the chance to understand. And that's just dumb.
  6. Often I worry I've been obnoxiously loud and lively because I got excited and/or drunk. But that's normal, right?
  7. I still feel like a weird, anti-social Norwegian when I'm on my own around strangers (which is weird considering Norway's a social democracy...think about it). Even though I've lived in NYC for 11 years, I still feel like some imposing creep if I even think about talking to strangers on a train, in a bar, at a show. That's just dumb.
  8. I'm not a bro. I can't bro-down with bruhs. Or brahs. Or bros. My alpha-male game is low. I never picked up this language or form. It's a mystery to me. Shooting the shit with macho-jocks and frat boys is a challenge. But I'm fine with that.