Today was a fairytale
  1. 11:29 am - Together with my Double-Double (not pictured cause I ate it) at In-N-Out on Ventura Boulevard. My very last In-N-Out experience before I go back to NYC. It was real special, as always.
  2. Mere minutes later I was taken aback by the beauty of a song while stuck in awful traffic. Reflector by Bing & Ruth. Soothing ambient shit. Perfect for post-In-N-Out-depression.
  3. Around 10 pm I drove a friend to his home in Silverlake and we listened to a new song of mine that he's maybe doing a music video for and it sounded so awesome I couldn't believe myself. For 4 minutes and 21 seconds I felt like a million bucks (pictured).
  4. Goodnight room. Goodnight list.