requested by @littlegreen
  1. It's warm
    I am almost always cold, but my whole body gets warm in a nice hot shower. In the middle of winter, it sometimes feels like the only way to warm all of my extremities is to turn on that faucet.
  2. It's loud
    In a pleasant, white noise/blocking out the rest of the world sort of way.
  3. It's Me Time
    No one expects anything of me when I'm in the shower.
  4. It's a free massage
    On my neck, shoulders, back, and, during certain times of the month, uterus.
  5. It's imagination time
    Maybe this one is just me? As a kiddo, I was always playing make believe in the bath or shower. The washcloth was my fancy dress or magical cape or ninja mask. Now I get really major thinking done in the shower - singing inspiration comes to me from humming, I might pre-compose tricky emails, or maybe I make plans for the day or the *future*.
  6. It's dangerous
    See number 2 and number 5 and then remember Psycho. I think a little sense of danger in the monotonous activities of life is healthy and/or exciting.
  7. It's soooo relaxing
    Sometimes it's meditative rather than thought-provoking. Both are good.
  8. It's a fresh start
    I don't know about you, but I am definitely a new person after every shower. Relaxed, revitalized, delicious-smelling. What could be better?