...that will fit right onto a blank CD!
  1. All Too Well
  2. Blank Space
    You can make this song your manifesto when you feel like a baller, like you're getting a little ahead of yourself, and like you're a fucking disaster all at the same time. You're going out on a Saturday night for the first time since your breakup. You go to an out-of-town wedding and meet a cute groomsman and you can't stop thinking about him on the plane ride home. You hit a hot guy with your car in the Trader Joe's parking lot and you're exchanging insurance information.
  3. I Knew You Were Trouble.
    I don't know why but I think you get it.
  4. Fifteen
    This song will break your heart, even if you are a Taylor-Swift-hating little bitch.
  5. Red
    All-time favorite Taylor Swift lyric: "Loving him was red."
  6. Style
    I want to date someone who makes me feel like this song.
  7. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    Pure fun.
  8. Back to December
    If you've ever regretted breaking up with someone way after the fact, this song will get on your level.
  9. Out of the Woods
    Oh boy. Listen to this on repeat and it gets better and better until you feel sick. Basically you need to mirror what's happening in the song. Better if you're also living out the relationship in real life.
  10. Treacherous
    Everyone's had their Treacherous, and it's all you can think about when you listen to this song. If you know what I mean. PG-13.
  11. Wildest Dreams
    Has Taylor's heartbeat merged with your own yet? It definitely will when you listen to Wildest Dreams because her heartbeat is literally in the song. And it's Treacherous all over again.
  12. Enchanted
    Soundtrack to lying awake at night amazed that you just met someone really attractive with zero flaws.
  13. New Romantics
    Will make you feel great about being a hot mess.
  14. Tim McGraw
    Timeless vintage TSwift. This song was her first single and smells like Abercrombie cologne. She wrote it when she was a freshman in high school.
  15. 22
    Catchy as fuck but will make you sad about being older than 22. Consider yourself warned.
  16. Shake It Off
    I love Taylor for her storytelling, so Shake It Off is an outlier, and is fabulously dorky in a way that only Tay can get away with, but I dare you to get down to this sick beat and not feel like you're treating yourself RIGHT.
  17. The Best Day
    Will make you cry about your family. http://bit.ly/1GoFmkC
  18. Our Song
    A twangy little song about the high school love story I wish I'd had. (I finally had it the summer before my senior year of college and oh man was it worth the wait.)
  19. Ours
    Probably the most adorable song ever written. In the video, Taylor plays an ordinary office worker who's in love with Matt Saracen! http://bit.ly/1DFVKWO Also manages to seem wise while singing about lipgloss. I love you, Tay-Tay.