If anyone is watching this show you should definitely play this.
  1. Drink when...
  2. John Rayburn puts on or takes off his sunglasses
  3. Danny Rayburn appears as if from nowhere
    Drink twice if someone is just imagining he's there
  4. Kevin Rayburn says "I'm a fuckup" or "I fucked up" or "Fuck" or "Shit" or just moans
  5. Meg Rayburn misses a work function
  6. Sally Rayburn reminisces
  7. Nolan Rayburn has major 'tude
  8. Janie Rayburn questions authority
  9. Diana Rayburn slips out of her accent
  10. Robert Rayburn's will is mentioned
  11. The Rayburn Family as an entity is mentioned
  12. Danny implicitly threatens someone
  13. A Rayburn drinks a beer
  14. We see a Rayburn on a boat
  15. We see the seahorse necklace
  16. We see a Rayburn family photo
  17. We see an aerial shot of the Florida Keys
  18. Chelsea O'Bannon looks disheveled
  19. Ozzy creeps out a Rayburn
  20. Kevin tells Belle how hot she looks
  21. Marco Diaz writes something obvious in the case file
  22. Meg avoids planning her wedding
  23. Meg cries
  24. Meg pleads
  25. Someone dies
    Drink twice if it's a Rayburn
  26. John orders someone around
  27. Sally defends Danny
  28. Sally forgets something
    Drink twice if it involves Bungalow 3
  29. John, Meg, and Kevin have a pow-wow
    Drink twice if it's at a secret location
  30. We see some meaningless chit-chat with guests at the inn
  31. We see a character fully cross a room
  32. Chelsea helps someone out despite being constantly screwed over by that person
  33. Danny gets on or off a bus
  34. Kevin looks in the mirror
  35. John goes on a night drive
  36. John listens to the tapes
  37. John points with two fingers
  38. Meg wears wedge espadrilles
  39. Kevin wears his sunglasses on the back of his head
  40. You tune out during a Roy Gilbert scene
  41. You're attracted to Danny and you don't know why
  42. You fall asleep
  43. John types with one finger on a computer keyboard