1. I love breakfast and you hate breakfast
  2. You think Felicity should've picked Noel
  3. You don't get Lost In Translation
  4. I confuse you with other people I've told stories to
  5. You take too long to tell stories
  6. I love bros but won't admit it
  7. You still believe in manic pixie dream girls
  8. I refuse to listen to podcasts with you
  9. You take too long to decide at yellow lights
  10. I have a ridiculously narrow comfortable temperature range
  11. You can't smoothly transition between conversation topics and you say goodbye too quickly
  12. I place too high a value on being "nice"
  13. You think our level of closeness overrides politeness
  14. Sometimes I'm convinced you're a secret misogynist
  15. Sometimes you think I'm incapable of being happy
  16. Whether or not we should even be friends
  17. The peanut butter to jelly ratio