1. Making mix CDs
    Like seriously give me a couple songs you like or a ~vibe~ you're going for and I will NAIL IT (and yes mix CDs are still a thing, don't test me)
  2. Cooking
    I'm no professional chef or anything but I feel like I have the instinct of being able to tell when something's juuuust about done or what ingredient it's missing
  3. Winged eyeliner
    Sharp enough to poke your eye out
  4. Knowing a song from hearing the first 3 seconds
    I clean up at the Name That Tune round of trivia night
  5. Emails
    My grammar and punctuation are not to be outdone and I ride the line between professional as hell and super friendly and warm
  6. Planning parties
    You must feed people. You must provide adequate alcohol for people to get buzzed, should they feel so inclined. You must have an appropriate background playlist (90s R&B is never wrong). You must provide LESS than enough seating so people will move and mingle. Not necessary but something I am good at: setting a beautiful table decor. Bohemian rustic picnic (I hate those words separately but together they make something beautiful)
  7. Choosing the correct font
    Typeface, spacing, placement, and size are my jam
  8. Haircuts
    Not giving them, but I think I'm pretty good at knowing what haircut someone should get (basically anything works for girls and there's like 4 good ones for guys)
  9. Reading
    I'm a quick reader, and I was a total bookworm growing up. I wish I read more nowadays
  10. Planning trips
    I love love LOVE planning a trip: researching hotels and restaurants and sightseeing and parks and museums and natural wonders and budgets and OMG CAN I DO IT NOW
  11. Describing beers
    I love my beer. I know my beer.
  12. Swimming
    I'm a water sign
  13. Reading people's energy
    What I mean to say is I can spot when a person is being dishonest or ungenuine or has shady intentions, from a mile away. I pray this continues to keep me out of danger and bad situations
  14. Target Clearance endcaps
    My happy place
  15. Sleep talking
    I have had full conversations with my husband (and probably my cat) in my sleep. I've done this my whole life. It simultaneously terrifies and pleases me.