Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

welcome to my first list!
  1. I had never heard this particular Doors song before and I don't even like The Doors really, but this one was interesting
  2. He forgot to take the dog to poop before heading out.
  3. It made me laugh, so I sent it to my husband. He got it, but didn't find it as funny.
  4. Really want to go here next time I'm in London. (There will be a next time.)
  5. In a work email. Reminded me of my boss, my boss thought it was funny.
  6. Uber was cute on Halloween and I wanted to remember it FOREVER.
  7. The intro to this song had been stuck in my head for weeks and I had no idea what song it was. THEN I FOUND OUT.
  8. Needed to know how to pronounce this Irish name.
  9. My mother, ladies and gentlemen.
  10. Old texts from husband.