1. I don't have a job
    I'll start with an obvious one
  2. I'm going to miss the ladies in the cafeteria and the jokes they make when I opt for the (hilariously) large coffee
  3. I feel like I'm not an adult yet
  4. For the first time in my life I have no idea what I'll be doing in the next 6 months. Or after that
  5. There are no jobs to apply for
  6. I'm going to miss the carrot muffins in the cafeteria
  7. University was probably the most fun 5 years of my life
  8. I'm going to miss the feeling of superiority I get from having access to the senior room that has a ping pong table
    Suck it first years and current junior mechanical engineering class
  9. I haven't been enjoying my last semester to the fullest extent because of all the work I have to do
  10. All the friends I made will probably start to move away soon
  11. What if it doesn't get better than this?