Five books I'd like to re-read to see if they live up to my high esteem

Now that I'm older, will I see them the same?
  1. Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry
    I read this when I was about 21 years old. I think I read it in the space of ten days. I dreamed of cattle drives night after night. When I got to a certain part, I cried so hard I couldn't stop. (Well, I obviously did stop. I'm not still crying now, twenty-nine years later.) but my god, what a story.
  2. The Book of Illusions by Paul Auster
    For a while in my life, I was really into Paul Auster novels. The Book of Illusions was particularly interesting to me, because it was about translators and it was about secret surreal films. I love books that talk about other art forms.
  3. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.
    This multi-narrative story grabbed me and wouldn't let go, even though I may not have understood every nuance. Mitchell's writing is that good.
  4. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins.
    This is another multi-narrative Victorian detective novel. I remember it being funny and mysterious and uncovers The Otherness of non-white and women characters. There are trances and the story relies on reading texts within the story.
  5. Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.
    This was such a rich, if imperfect, family saga. I want to see if it holds up.