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  1. The Tipping Point
    Gladwell obvi
  2. A Gentleman in Moscow
    Bostonian Yale-boy Amor Towles
Prep for a Great semester and rest of college experience
  1. Get back in shape--BSOML(sf) status
    Best Shape of My Life (so far)
  2. Be 1500-caliber chess player
    Like 1200 rn
  3. Get a part-time job
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  1. The quadratic formula
    The formula itself and what exactly it can do
  2. What mitochondria do
  3. How to spell rhinoceros
    Had to google it
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  1. Can you have too many oranges
  2. How to be a prankster
  3. Colors of squirrels
  4. Face hurts
  1. It's been a long couple years..
    A friend of mine said this once in conversation..
  2. i'm a picky sleeper.
    Pretty untrue.
  3. We're letting twitter make up our mind
    Naa, Twitter's cool.
  4. idk but kinda want a British dad-in-law, but don't really care either way if the bride is..
    Not particularly true
Fashion item wish-list this upcoming summer
  1. 1.
    LA Dodgers cap
    In blue
  2. 2.
    Light wash slim fit jeans
    Been eyeing this look for about a year now
  3. 3.
    A new pair of shoes (or two)
    Like good ones - form and function.
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I'll be back in Florida for break.
  1. Meditate twice daily (after & before bed)
    I want to get more into meditation--techniques, approaches, etc. Silencing the mind, stillness, that sort of thing.
  2. Regain flexibility
    Haven't been in the stretching game for a while.
  3. Watch diet
    Also been a while since I've disciplined myself in regards to nutrition. Wanting to get back into it - the body is a temple.
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