I'll be back in Florida for break.
  1. Meditate twice daily (after & before bed)
    I want to get more into meditation--techniques, approaches, etc. Silencing the mind, stillness, that sort of thing.
  2. Regain flexibility
    Haven't been in the stretching game for a while.
  3. Watch diet
    Also been a while since I've disciplined myself in regards to nutrition. Wanting to get back into it - the body is a temple.
  4. Finish a novel
    Currently on the short list: -Across the River and Into the Trees -A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (started in winter break) -This Tree is Your Tree (not real)
  5. Crosswords
    A neglected and foreseeable potential boon to developing general intelligence and connection-making. NY Times is supposed to have the good ones, right?
  6. Do metronome training (w/o instrument)
    10 min daily to strengthen sense/instinct of time. Southern Indian Carnatic system (takadimi) sort of stuff. Literally saying the beats out loud to various tempos, and then manipulating rhythm within them.
  7. Write a song a day
    It's the electric guitar year/semester. Should be nice to take a break from that side of things for a week and carve out an hour or two a day to write songs again. Besides, it'll serve as a good warm up for what I have planned for the second half of the year (when writing will be more intentional and disciplined).
  8. Work through The Seven Habits
    Started Covey's book in the winter - still stuck in "Be Proactive." Haven't really touched it since, but I'm picking up what he's putting down.
  9. Catch up on This Is Us
    I'm behind.