As noted by me after listening to 30+ hours of Lovecraft audio books.
  1. Character: professor and/or antiquarian
  2. Character has spooky past that he discovers in his antiquarian studies.
  3. Character moves to historical city/house/homestead of spooky past family
  4. Spooky stuff happens that only he can see/hear, at least 5 people die, sanity of main character is questioned
  5. Quote or mention of necronomicon or Cthulhu
  6. Describe something as "so horrible no words of man could describe it"
  7. Talk about the horrid stench given off by character or bodies or spooky things
  8. Character dies
  9. Spooky house/homestead is destroyed by the townspeople who knew it was bad all along
  10. Townspeople talk about aforementioned horrid stench
  11. The end.