My Favorite Movies From Each Year I've Been Alive

Inspired by @joemurphy
  1. 1985- The Breakfast Club
    (Tootsie was released before my birth and yes I am bummed about it)
  2. 1986- Pretty in Pink
    Duckie 💗
  3. 1987- The Princess Bride
    (It was so hard between this and Dirty Dancing)
  4. 1988- Big
    The best film to laugh at as a kid and be emotionally crippled by as an adult!
  5. 1989- The Little Mermaid
    My first fave film.
  6. 1990- Pretty Woman
    Apparently an amazing year for films I love with Home Alone, Awakenings, Rocky V and Kindergarten Cop. Plus Goodfellas and Cry-Baby and TMNT.
  7. 1991- Hook
    Over Beauty and the Beat and Father of the Bride which pains me terribly.
  8. 1992- A League of Their Own
    Not Mighty Ducks, again, a struggle
  9. 1993- Jurassic Park
    That and The Sandlot were the two VHS tapes I watched the most. Both I love like my children. I just love this child more.
  10. 1994- Forrest Gump
    I may not be a smart man but I know what love for this movie is.
  11. 1995- Clueless
    How do you choose between this and Now and Then? Like did I actually do that? How?! I'm regretting it.
  12. 1996- Twister
    An apparently crap year for movies if you are me.
  13. 1997- Titanic
    It feels obligatory.
  14. 1998- The Wedding Singer
    The amount of this film I can still quote is stunning.
  15. 1999- 10 Things I Hate About You
    This was the year of everything from my freshman year of high school in real life and like everything I associate with my freshman year of college: Fight Club, Boondock Saints, Office Space
  16. 2000- Almost Famous
    Just go to the record store and visit your friends
  17. 2001- Wet Hot American Summer
    Maybe the greatest comedy ever.
  18. 2002- My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    I mean Joey Fatone alone.
  19. 2003- Love Actually
    Is all around us
  20. 2004- Garden State
    Anchorman or Mean Girls or Eternal Sunshine or anything but The Notebook! But had to go for this because soundtrack and the deep way I thought it was made just for me.
  21. 2005- Brokeback Mountain
    Speaking of things I felt were created for my enjoyment solely.
  22. 2006- She's the Man
    I always forget Tatum's in this but then I remember and it's great.
  23. 2007- Knocked Up
    Juno came out the same year. How could I even be torn to pick my fave pregnancy film from this year?
  24. 2008- Sex and the City
    Not because it was good, please, but because of how much hating that film is part of my life.
  25. 2009- Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
    This film is straight up delight
  26. 2010- Easy A
    It's been too long since I watched this. Also, yes, I almost did choose SATC2.
  27. 2011- Friends with Benefits
    The year I was apparently meh on lots of stuff. I went with this film because I think it's the only one I've watched more than once.
  28. 2012- Perks of Being a Wallflower
    The most perfect adaptation I've ever had the pleasure to experience which is amazing because this film sucking really stressed me out as a possibility
  29. 2013- Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
    Did I go to the movie theater this year? I had to go back 3 pages to pick this.
  30. 2014- Gone Girl
    Just very well done fucked up nonsense.
  31. 2015- Jurassic World
    Time is a flat line
  32. 2016, time will tell