sad af today

  1. I feel so shitty about myself today and I don't know why
  2. I'm going to my dream school in the fall, I have great friends, awesome family, and an incredible boyfriend
  3. But I don't feel like myself at all!!!!
  4. I've been desperately trying to lose the kajillion pounds I gained when I was sick, on high dosage steroid medication and was completely bed ridden
  5. But steroid weight is so so SO hard to get off
  6. It slows your metabolism down so much, my neurologist says it can take 6 months for your body to start even registering that you're eating less and exercising more, it's just impossible to burn calories
  7. So I work out 6 days a week and eat really healthy meals
  8. And nothing changes, which is super depressing
  9. idk I just feel shitty today, my body confidence is lacking
  10. I've never been overweight before and it's been an unpleasant adjustment
  11. I'm just not happy where I'm at
  12. blech