things that I hate with a passion that a lot of people like for some reason ???

sorry not sorry
  1. john green
    your books are trash and all of your female characters are one dimensional and it makes me sad also pls stop romanticizing cancer
  2. the odyssey online
    garbage website for sorority girls to talk about their bigs and for frat guys to talk about why they think rape culture doesn't exist
  3. frapuccinos
    it's just a milkshake??? i don't get it???
  4. friends
    dumb white people with dumb white person problems and I'm not here for that, tv is doing so much better these days I don't know why people are still obsessed with this show 👋🏼
  5. fireball
    it tastes like sad christmas and I hate that
  6. bunk beds
    terrifying, why would you ever
  7. cats
    they hate me and I hate them it's super mutual