1. The people
    Most of them are other church of Christ people, but they're all from different places with different life experiences and they're so sweet
  2. The conversations
    Everyone is 100 times more open at camp. We get to talk about faith, life, doubts
  3. Location
    Ugh, beautiful. In the mountains, by a lake
  4. Food
    Kitchen staff is amazing
  5. Singing
    Sometimes we don't know the words or it goes too high, but it's great to sing with new people
  6. Water activities
    There's a blob, tubing, team boat races where you hunt for boat-building materials
  7. Bible classes
    Much deeper than anything we do back home
  8. Allen Close
    Probably the most godly man I have ever met
  9. We did a breakout room in an unused cabin
  10. So many hugs
    Which I wouldn't like if it wasn't camp people
  11. Hawaiian themed banquet