I didn't only love it bc of feminism, but that was a huge part of it. Also, this was the only movie that has ever made me tear up in sheer awe
  1. The Amazons
    Developed and complex female relationships, diverse women, super extra fighting skills, ugh
  2. All the visuals of Themiscyra
    It was beautiful
  3. Baby Diana
  4. The art in the story-telling scene
  5. She saved him! She saved HIM! SHE SAVED HIM!
    Then he helped her in the beach and they were even
  6. If I were the Germans and I just rolled in to a magical land I would not have immediately fought the locals, but okay
    Also the frontier crossing scene visuals
  7. SHIELD!
    3 arrows, guys. Come on son
  8. It was very emotional and they did a good job of showing how Diana was seeing death for the first time
  9. They let some of the Amazon women die, which would happen to a group seeing guns for the first time
  10. Diana didn't choose to leave bc of any chosen one crap, she left cause it was the right thing to do
    She was the chosen one, but that doesn't matter. It was about morality, not power or duty
  11. The scene where she beat up a tower to get all her gear
    Punch that rock, girl
  12. I almost forgot about the hot tub scene
  13. But seriously, the hot tub scene made me really happy bc they were CALLING OUT the female shower/bath scene movie trope
    They let the audience see Steve's abs, but DIANA didn't objectify him, which is key. And they made it comedic
  14. When Hippolyta confronted her but then let her go
  15. "Mankind does not deserve you"
    That's right
  16. Diana is all innocent during the boat scene, not cause she doesn't know birds and bees but because there's nothing between them at that point but mutual respect
    It's so good
  17. "Men are necessary for reproduction but not necessary for pleasure"
    The woman behind me yelled, "Dayum"
  18. I heard the boat scene dialogue was improvised
    Not sure if that's true, but if it is I love the actors 100 times more
  19. She called London out for being gross
  20. Whenever Steve had to lead her along he placed his hands very respectfully
  21. Diana is so blunt which contrasts so nicely with how subtle Steve is
  22. This is super long and I'm not halfway through yet. I will finish this list later