Happy birthday, Chris!
  1. He's passionate about everything
  2. Little kids love him
  3. He's a good leader
  4. He remembers the little details
  5. He has the most random interests
    MBTI, Olympic curling, leadership books
  6. He can succeed in anything he puts his mind to
    Sports, a class he likes, I've even seen him do good art sometimes
  7. He knows how to choose good friends
  8. He knows what I'm interested in and uses that to connect with me
  9. He doesn't initially seem like a nerd, but he is
  10. He's really funny
  11. We can discuss fan theories together
  12. He's a hard-worker but also knows how to relax
  13. He tries to get me interested in what he likes without being too pushy
    He's taught me different Frisbee throws and things about soccer
  14. He knows more about style than I do
  15. He likes a wide spectrum of music
  16. He likes a wide spectrum of movies
  17. He's never ashamed of any of his interests
    Country music, Frozen
  18. He has always cared about me