1. Flight to Miami delayed 50 minutes
    After we're already on the plane
  2. Flight attendant pronounced Tegucigalpa 3 different ways
    All wrong
  3. Watched Doctor Strange without sound or subtitles
    Because I forgot my headphones and was too awkward to ask for a pair from the flight attendant and the screen wouldn't let me choose a subtitle language
  4. Lunch at Church's Chicken in Honduras
  5. Saw a Super 7 gas station
  6. The group leader Mark yelling about how Dana needs to eat her ruffage so she wouldn't be ~stuffed up~
  7. Thought LJ was watching hockey. Walked up. She yells, "That guy just put a catfish down his pants!"
  8. "It was a tremendous spanking"
    Jason and Mark talking about the Clemson win
  9. Built a house. People took an hour building a single step after everything else was done
    I've built steps here before. It shouldn't take that long.
  10. The teenage guys that aren't in my group keep complaining about our guys talking too late at night
    I will not defend our guys though. They need to shut up. I respect sleep.
  11. The lady we built the first house for starting singing and clapping. Us gringos couldn't clap on beat
  12. Giant pigs
  13. I hate seeing the dogs here
    I can't touch them. They seem so sad and hungry. They make me want to cry
  14. Saw a girl digging through trash by the side of the road
    There are people who make their living digging through trash at the dump
  15. Dana getting blisters on her ears bc she didn't put sunscreen on them
    Please put sunscreen on your ears. This has been a psa. @yctheflea
  16. Some of the guys on the bus got into a contest to see who could get the most Honduran pedestrians to wave back
    People are so nice, they always wave and smile
  17. A conversation about how a bus would wear pants
    Also a hat
  18. Tanner got a hair wrap and was very adamant that it had to be on the same side as Anakin Skywalker's
    We all agreed it was the left. It was later discovered to be the right
  19. A minion piñata
  20. Mark Potter held the piñata up for people when the rope broke and he got hit in the no no zone with a small bat
    He sorta deserved it
  21. "Sucker, I barely know her"-Tanner
    Upon opening the piñata and being offered a sucker, @sabrey_montore
  22. Rock, paper, scissors, splits
    Loser of each round has to move their feet further apart, you lose when you fall down