1. When they still have to take attendance out loud in March
  2. When they stand over your shoulder and look at what you're doing
  3. When they say to listen but then don't continue even after they have the class's attention
  4. When they yell at you for asking a question
  5. When they yell at you for answering a question wrong
  6. When they yell at you for saying an answer that is correct but not what they were looking for
  7. When they interrupt students who are giving them an answer
  8. When they ignore a student giving them and answer because they want to call on someone
  9. When they think they've answered your question but haven't
  10. When they assume everyone always has internet access at home
  11. When they spend too long trying to find the slides they want to show
  12. When they assume the amount of homework they give is doable, ignoring the homework for other classes