I haven't listed in a while, so I figured this would be a good catch-up!
  1. January
    I live in Nashville and never get snow like this, so when I finally did, you can bet my camera roll looked like it had been dyed white.
  2. February
    Picture I took of my friend at the beach, artsy right?
  3. March
    Visited Massachusetts over my Spring Break (mostly College Tours except for this).
  4. April
    I took my German exchange student to a hockey game- she was very into mirror selfies so I went with it.
  5. May
    Studying for my world history exam. So aesthetically pleasing.
  6. June
    Rode a boat in Lake Tahoe with my family. Refused to stop singing I'm On A Boat most of the trip.
  7. July
    Mallorca with my German host family
  8. August
    You know you're back at school when your camera roll becomes clogged with pictures of textbooks.
  9. September
    One of many many cross country meet pictures.
  10. October
    Visited my sister at college- one of the highlights of the trip was this breakfast.
  11. November
    My friend and I went to downtown Nashville to play Spot The Tourist late one night. Spoiler Alert: if they're wearing cowboy boots, they're not from around here.
  12. December
    Pretty bad picture of some pretty beautiful Christmas lights.