aka cute picture overload list
  1. This morning my mom and I left our house at 5:30 (!!!) am to drive to Indiana to pick up our new puppy!
  2. It was pitch black outside and I had to fill up my car with gas in the creepy stark light of a gas station.
  3. We stopped for fresh donuts before we left.
    I walked straight across what is usually the most busy road in my town to get them. Wild.
  4. I got to watch the sun come up over the highway as I drove.
    I never ever am awake to see this happen so it was pretty magical for me.
  5. After hours of driving and a completely numb lower half of my body, we arrived and look who I have now!
  6. Static
  7. Static
    Look at this cutie.
  8. Static
    I think that this dog has imprinted on me (I imprinted on it? I have no idea how the whole imprinting business works. Explanations welcome.)
  9. Only issue: we don't have a name yet for her 😁
    It's been a monthlong saga that apparently still isn't over!