1. I don't like silly humor. But I love silly people who love being silly.
  2. I tell people I'm a vegetarian because I don't want to explain that i'm kosher. It's always complicated and bores me.
  3. I don't brush my hair (sorry I have perfect hair)
  4. I use waZe to get from my home to my office every single time.
  5. When I was 7 my parents were going to Hong Kong & saw me in an in flight air France video dancing with Joan Baez at a gypsy kings concert
  6. On an 8th grade school ski trip my eyes got sunburnt from not wearing sunglasses and skiing all day & my best friend Kate and I spent the day in the Big Bear hospital.
  7. French was my first language and I didn't really speak English well until preschool (Keep in mind I was born in America so it's extra weird) & sometimes I dream in French now
  8. My favorite meal is eating whole foods in my car. Or most meals in my car.
  9. I now think frozen yogurt might be gross but I feel like I'm in too deep because I made a twiiter account called @frofifi
  10. I'm never seen Star Wars, Goonies,ET & I could care less to.
  11. I still can't believe I get to drive so I will offer to drive anywhere and sometimes sit in my driveway sad to leave my car.