I basically have to emotionally reset once a week so stick with me kid!
  1. Acupuncture
    This place in LA http://bit.ly/1ywd70q changes my life when I get depressed once every three months (doesn't everyone)
  2. Infrared sauna
    This is amazing http://bit.ly/1DIMiWU
  3. Crystals
    Rose Quartz all day all the time
  4. Workout to loud hip hop
    Spotify has a great hip hop playlist called Hip Hop Monsters
  5. Sleep
    Advil pm, melatonin, ambien ! Do what you need to get the those 💤💤
  6. Hypnotherapy
    I'm currently working on sessions that focus on releasing emotional blocking and toxic thought patterns. Email me if you need this
  7. Anything in nature
    Mountains make you feel small (in the good way) and oceans make you feel like the world has infinite options (in a good way)
  8. Cuddles from a loved one
  9. TM transcendental meditation
    I can't say enough how much this has changed my life and how dope is David lynch @bjnovak
  10. Read the comments on @hellogiggles articles
    I couldn't be more impressed at the humans on our website. Those most thoughtful in the game.