Nothing fancy. Think for the person that likes Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts (I don't get it either) but Keurig feels too easy it's wrong
  1. Just plain old Melitta drip. Pour water over coffee grounds and sip. Simple. Easy. Breezy
    Suggested by @fats
  2. French Press!!
    I actually use my Kuerig to pour the hot water into the French press 😍
    Suggested by @brittmaag
  3. @patc gave me the gift of a bonavita and I love it. completely disassembles to load in your dishwasher, lightning fast, super clean and tasty coffee.
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  4. Goosenecked kettle
    Not a brewer, but pretty important if you're rocking any of the pour overs. You have total control over where the water hits the coffee and how fast the water comes out, making it easier to evenly extract your flavors. Can either be electric like the one pictured, or manual heating. If it's manual, make sure it's stove-friendly before putting it over a flame.
    Suggested by @maribot
  5. Chemex
    We've all come to know and love the Chemex, and not just because it's pretty to look at! The thick filter holds back all sediment, making for a really clean cup of coffee. It also holds back most of the oils from the coffee, which is a good or bad thing depending on your taste preferences. Great for multiple cups!
    Suggested by @maribot
  6. Kalita Wave pour over
    More user friendly than the Bonmac, has three holes at the bottom instead of one, so the water is less likely to get clogged up in the grinds. The curved filter is also a plus because it keeps the coffee away from the sides of the Kalita so it's easier to clean. Probably the best single to double cup pour over option IMHO.
    Suggested by @maribot
  7. Aeropress coffee maker
    So easy, so easy to clean, makes delicious coffee in seconds. Only makes one cup at a time, but what a cup! Look out for a tutorial list from me on how to use it :)
    Suggested by @maribot
  8. Cuisinart Grind and Brew. We are loyal converts to this puppy.
    Pour a shitton of beans in the top zone, it grinds however much you need for the size pot you want to brew. With two kids I worship on the alter of life simplification + fresh coffee.
    Suggested by @ameliaville
  9. Pour over like woah
    Suggested by @rabbipatrick
  10. Aeropress!
    Suggested by @pmb
  11. Recently came into ownership of a percolator. *love it*
    Suggested by @LindsayShively
  12. The Technivorm Moccamaster. These bad boys are assembled by hand and are built to achieve the optimal brewing temperature and water/coffee contact time. Plus the coffee tastes really, really good.
    Suggested by @_leia_
  13. The Coffee Brew Buddy: because who doesn't love a strange coffee condom in your mug?
    Suggested by @shopgirl88
  14. I loooove my moka pot!
    Suggested by @deb
  15. Aeropress. It's a tad funny to use but once you get the hang of it it makes a great cup.
    Suggested by @Charlie_Chester