I'm too scared to go back to my Dermatologist because I haven't been following his rules. So going to enlist all the professional and amateur experts here. Things to know: I have winter dry skin, redness happening and please no placenta based products (that's a real thing)
  1. Argan oil
    Suggested by @element75
  2. Kiehl's Skin Rescuer
    I use both. I use the Argan oil all the time and then this when my redness kicks in.
    Suggested by @element75
  3. Coconut oil or olive oil are well known natural moisturizers, best for those that are not acne prone. Otherwise Vanicream (comes in a big tub that lasts forever) is what I prescribe my patients. It's hypoallergenic, free of dyes and parabens and VERY moisturizing. It's a medical grade moisturizer.
    Suggested by @aminam
  4. If you can't find Vanicream, Cetaphil is the next best in terms of quality and minimal amount of chemical crap.
    Suggested by @aminam
  5. Dermalogica
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    Ummm, so I'm told. Not that I would personally know.
    Suggested by @Price
  6. It depends on the climate, what type of skin you have, etc. I have oily skin and live in the south where it doesn't get too cold. Neutrogena oil-free moisture is plenty for me. In fact, I love the Walmart/Equate knock-off even more cause it's cheaper and it works.
    Suggested by @jhope71
  7. Belif moisturizer
    At Sephora. Changed my life. My skin is super dry always
    Suggested by @drugs
  8. I don't have moisturizer suggestion, but I would definitely recommends you check out Caroline Hirons' blog. She is a skincare guru and I'm sure you will be able to find something on there to help you. Following her advice has completely changed my skin. She's at carolinehirons.com
    Suggested by @emilynielsen
  9. I just started using a mix of coconut oil + Glossier's priming moisturizer, and it's 👌🏽
    Suggested by @lizelle
  10. Cerave PM is a very dependable drugstore pick. Aesop has some great soothing/hydrating products and they smell amazing. For something natural/organic try this guy, it's a game changer: http://www.live-live.com/Bee-Yummy-Skin-Food-2oz_p_500.html
    Suggested by @lorothery
  11. Drunk Elephant's Virgin Marula Oil
    Received a free sample at work and have been buying it ever since. $72 but lasts a long time.
    Suggested by @NancyMiller
  12. I like the Cetaphil face moisturizer spf 15
    It's light and dissolves quickly into my skin.
    Suggested by @shanaz
  13. For the most part I use coconut oil. For dry winter skin I switch over to Egyptian Magic which is kind of like lip balm for your face, made with beeswax, Royal jelly and olive oil. AND if you have the funds Jouer daily repair oil is amazing. I wrote a list about my skincare you can check out here! BEAUTY ROUTINE!
    Suggested by @wiblitz
  14. CeraVe am (sunscreen) for day. CeraVe pm for night.
    Suggested by @ebsquared
  15. My Mom is a Mary Kay Director, I use their moisturizer and it's great. Plus it's non-comedogenic.
    Suggested by @brendang
  16. Oil of Olay Complete for sensitive skin
    Suggested by @kate81
  17. Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream
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    This stuff is the love of my life. The day tint is the best tinted moisturizer because it doesn't cover up my freckles, blends well and lasts. The cream is the best intense moisturizer - I use it at night, and it goes from healing those super dry patches in winter to keeping my skin healthy and not greasy in summer. I would legit marry Dr. Jart If I could.
    Suggested by @gwenllain
  18. "Waterless" face cleansers
    I live in a cold, dry climate and have very dry skin. I found that actually what made the biggest difference was changing my face cleanser. I have been using Ultrabland by Lush for the past month and it has made a huge difference. Other brands have similar "waterless" products and I do know there are some more natural equivalents.
    Suggested by @kbon
  19. Glossier Priming Moisturizer
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    It's a buildable hydrating cream that I LIVE BY. The line was started by Emily Weiss (of Into the Gloss) and they have this great skincare line. Some days my skin needs more hydration than others and it isn't greasy and soaks in fast and if I need more, I add more. It's absolutely wonderful.
    Suggested by @amber
  20. I love basic Aveeno daily moisturizer w SPF15. It takes care of dryness, absorbs immediately and easily, and makes me feel like I'm protecting my skin 🌞
    Suggested by @vagina
  21. Also anything Kate Somerville
    Suggested by @natasha
  22. Dermalogica active moist
    Best face moisturizer on the market. No oily residue, absorbs well, light, life changing.
    Suggested by @natasha
  23. Avalon Organics lavender daily moisturizer
    I'm allergic to a lot of moisturizers but not this one! It's rich, soothing, and smells great. I can't recommend enough - this stuff is my life
    Suggested by @emilyr
  24. Caudalie's Moisturizing Sorbet
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    their whole line is pricy but so worth it. the sorbet brought my skin back to life when it was really dry and I've never looked back.
    Suggested by @stacymichelle
  25. oils of any kinds are gonna help your face---you just gotta find the one that's best for you: argan, almond, jojoba, coconut, marula, etc., or just plain mineral, and don't forget the sunscreen. It may not seem really warm or it may be cloudy, but those UV Rays will get to you!!! They are monsters. 🔆❌
    Suggested by @smallthings
  26. My facialist introduced me to Hylunia Healing & Restoring Cream and it has changed my life. Skin is hydrated and supple but not oily.
    Suggested by @redredrobyn
  27. Botanics Hydrating Day Cream- All Bright
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    Last winter was really rough on my skin but as soon as I switched to this moisturizer (and the corresponding face wash) my dryness and redness cleared right up and I haven't had any issues since. I totally recommend it!
    Suggested by @srm4894
  28. Suggested by @sarajanenyc
  29. St Ives collagen elastin face moisturizer
    Perfect for the winter it's a cream more than a lotion
    Suggested by @jujube921
  30. I swear by Kiehl's Facial Fuel moisturizer for men
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    Suggested by @sl
  31. Cetaphil moisturizer
    I have really sensitive skin and cetaphil works the best for me! I also recommend staying hydrated and exfoliating (e.g. olive oil + raw sugar) daily! I used coconut oil as a moisturizer for a bit, but my skin didn't take it very well 🙄
    Suggested by @chermillionaire
  32. When I was working in Utah, it was v cold and dry & I lost my face wash, so I just started washing my face with coconut oil and warm water - and then putting le Mieux Bio Cell Rejuvenating cream on as a moisturizer. Worked wonders for me. Also love Eminence moisturizers, there's a rose one that supports breast cancer research - that's the best one.
    Suggested by @maya
  33. Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference
    Suggested by @katiemandler
  34. Jason products
    Not organic, but quite "friendly"
    Suggested by @weimsworld
  35. Egyptian Magic
    Suggested by @AlyciaCT
  36. Remede Sensitive Intensive which they stopped making in 2004 but still have the formula for (right? They must!) and could make again for sensitive skin women like me! Transformative
    Suggested by @solothecat