I quit coffee and need green tea recommendations
  1. Help
  2. I love Genmaicha 🍵 (just a variety not a brand). It's green tea with roasted rice so it had a strong and almost toasted flavor. Strongly endorse especially as a coffee replacement.
    Suggested by @hillary
  3. Monkey Picked Oolong Tea
    I guess it's not green tea, but really good and mild. I'll need to find the particular brand to suggest.
    Suggested by @brianp
  4. The Republic of Tea Double Green Matcha Tea
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    One of my favorites
    Suggested by @natasha
  5. Panatea - delicious
    Suggested by @belsky
  6. Iron Goddess of Mercy! Great name. Great taste.
    Suggested by @evan
  7. Tazo Zen
    A refreshing classic
    Suggested by @natasha
  8. trader joe's jasmine green tea!
    Suggested by @ginainterrupted