Today after 4 years we moved into an office that has printers that work! Oh and a dope Scandal type conference room!
  1. You have to trademark things
    Three weeks into launching my company this rando on Facebook messaged me to a link to a HelloGiggles app he had built and asked me to promote it! And I was like "YO you can't do this" and they said "well, is it trademarked?" and I said "YES" but the answer was NO and then trademarked that BISH in lots of countries and categories! Come at me bb's!
  2. You have to buy storage on the Internet and it happens with servers!
    Who knew you had to have servers? Who knows what servers even are? I still don't even know what it means that there is a warehouse in Vegas that controls my livelihood ! The first few weeks my website crashed for good reason (high traffic) and ever since we bought more of those server things but sometimes still I have dreams of it crashing and seeing 404 (page doesn't exist.) but now that doesn't happen and I love my servers whatever they are! Nothing is for free people not even the Internet!
  3. Being nice is dope & crying is ok
    Everyone at HelloGiggles online or offline is nice to each other! No really they are! They are generous with their hearts and minds and TIME! Sometimes people are extra sensitive but it's the good sensitive kind, the kind that makes people cry and then feel sleepy but closer from crying. Please note crying and sobbing is different! Sobbing makes me nervous don't do that!
  4. Working from home is not 💯
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    You think working from home is going to be 💯 and then you stay in your pajamas all day and it's not 💯 but then you get a dope grown up office and that's really 💯
  5. You have to be open other people's pandora station
    Alternative rock is my nightmare and classic hip hop is often the offices nightmare. So..
  6. Paying for peoples lunch makes people very happy! Choosing a place for lunch that doesn't work for everyone does not make people happy
  7. Gratitude
    I knew to be thankful I'm not an animal but I didn't know I would feel it every moment of the day. I wake up grateful that there is content I love and admire and inspire on my website from humans I know and don't and that I love or will eventually get to love. And I spend the day grateful that I have an office that argues about mercury in retrograde (mixed vibes here) and values snacks and naps!