I don't want to brag aka curse myself but I never get sick! So this list will be more about what I watch when I get cranky/bratty
  1. You've Got Mail
    This never gets old for me because Tom Hanks and the Internet never get old for me
  2. The View
    I don't know why but this show makes me feel safe because it's a little sassy but a lot insane but also, sweet
  3. Beverly Hills 90210
    I've seen every episode a million times, I've felt every emotion a trillion times. If you like Kelly over Brenda lose my list handles bb's! FYI this random/best channel Pop is playing marathons constantly
  4. Death Becomes Her
    I will go on list record that this is Merl Streep's best work @patrickrogers
  5. Jane the Virgin
    I haven't watched a series in awhile and this feels silly in the best way. And I love her. I never look up her name but I know I love her
  6. The Little Mermaid
  7. The Jetsons
  8. Fraiser