1. Listened to my heart and my heart says I don't like Dunkin donuts coffee and I'll take it to another level that I don't get people that love it
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  2. Had the confidence to not be afraid and tell my hairdresser that he made me a yellow blonde and I wanted platinum. And turns out people like it when you are direct!
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  3. Accepted that I'm no longer in love with Drake but still like love him just not LOVE LOVE HIM
  4. Obsessed with this Big Sean song Blessings and Kanye raps that he wants to make his own Montessori for north and I hope I can get my future kids in
  5. @jennikonner @lenadunham on here! I feel like so many of my interests will be explored here.
    FYI we need jon Bronson on here (List app world get ready)
  6. Drank more than 45 ounces of whatever two days in a row
  7. Packed for a friend going out of town and realized I'm possibly professional
  8. Ordered a blender for the @hellogiggles and going to force my creations on everyone
  9. Found out Drew Barrymore is 40 and she is ageless to me . Like literally I never know what age she is
  10. Can't stop looking up details of Chris brown's baby with a "model" song hoping Rihanna isn't sad