I've been living the clean life for a almost two months so a cheat meal once a week is something I really look forward to. This doesn't have to be your cheat meal but suggest it so I can make it mine.
  1. Breakfast sandwich
    I think I want this on an English muffin but I'm still not sure.
  2. Brownie sundae
    I almost said apple pie but I don't know! I just don't know
  3. Movie theater popcorn mixed with sour patches and whoppers
  4. Ricotta pizza
    I don't even know how to find this
  5. Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup
    And the kind of soup with cream in it and white bread!
  6. Lasagna
    When is the last time you heard someone say that had lasagna for dinner? I need a better squad because no one I know says this enough.
  7. Put dat egg sammich on a croissant with turkey bacon and Swiss ^_-
    Suggested by @jlo
  8. Cheesy Chicken Pesto Pasta
    Not exactly sure what this is but I want it everyday.
    Suggested by @jlo
  9. Chocolate almond croissant from Little Next Door.
    Suggested by @allisonemiller
  10. Get that lasagna at Pace
    Suggested by @film114
  11. Salted caramel dark chocolate anything.
    There are chocolate bars of this magical combination at Trader Joe's and promising baking options all over the Internet.
    Suggested by @ohlauren
  12. Buttery lobster roll with fries
    Suggested by @laurimontclair
  13. Vernetti
    The new Italian place in larchmont - the grilled octopus - really good! And so healthy you can go across the street and get vanilla w salted caramel ice cream from salt and straw - locals tip - cut the line by heading to the freezer and buying a pint.
    Suggested by @alibaron
  14. Macaroni and cheese with multiple types of yummy cheese
    Now I'm hungry
    Suggested by @kate
  15. Dominos parmesan bites 👌🏻
    Suggested by @JP
  16. Grilled cheese sandwich a la @gabimoskowitz meaning made with truffled cheddar cheese. To die for!
    Suggested by @ouizoid
  17. Gummi Grapefruit Slices (white) and Swedish Fish (red) from Dylan's Candy Bar
    A GIANT BAG. Accompany with rose or champagne of some sort. See a movie.
    Suggested by @AlexandraLouise
  18. In-N-Out burger, animal style, with fries and a lemonade. 🍟
    Suggested by @brookielyons
  19. Avocado Toast at Sqirl
    Suggested by @AlexandraLouise