I'm so into my new office I want everyone to move in here! Come visit!
  1. Books on books on books (strong SVH, Nancy Drew, Babysitters Club and Goosebumps collection going mixed in from @zooey mixed in with some @mindy
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  2. Bb's eating Girl Scouts all casual
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  3. A family crest logo above our reception area
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    I refuse to have a receptionist feels so 90's
  4. A baller conference room that makes me want to be on shark tank and fund myself
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  5. An area where I nap publicly
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  6. A kitchen that feels like a single swanky ad execs kitchen and makes popcorn
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  7. My office!
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  8. Visitors @dev
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  9. Visitors that wear my office blanket because it's so cold always so cold@
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  10. Printers! You have no idea how big this is to me
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  11. Wine fridge that we are going to serve chilled almond milk
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  12. @hellogiggles art! This is Mary Anne from babysitters club
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  13. Phones
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    I will conference anyone right now to prove how happy I am
  14. Tv's
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    The office wants to put up boring stats im tying to get you've got mail on stream