I need to remove myself from webmd and take my questions/concerns/curiosity here ASAP! This list does not make me a narcissist for being obsessed with my self care but open to the diagnosis!
  1. Therapist: @ouizoid
    @ouizoid is thoughtful,informative and just dope! Also, helpful tips on how to find a therapist! How to Find a Great Therapist , raised a queen in @gabimoskowitz
  2. Psychologist @drcaronpost
  3. Anesthesiologist @AlexandraLouise
    @AlexandraLouise will walk you through one of the most crucial parts of surgery! ANESTHESIA SURVIVAL (AKA PATIENT SURVIVAL)
  4. Paediatrician here!
    Not sure I can be terribly helpful with anything affecting anyone over 18. Plus I work in the UK, where healthcare is free, so the American insurance system is kind of a mystery to me. Always up for some nerdy medical chat, though!
    Suggested by @katya
  5. OB/GYN @TT
    Her steps on a Caesarean is utterly fascinating. Mad props to her and every doctor that perform it, along with all the women that undergo it! CESAREAN SECTION PROCEDURE STEPS
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  6. Pediatrician @sally
    Dream person/pediatrician. She will take care of you and your babe with humor, charm, warmth, grace and brilliance.
    Suggested by @AlexandraLouise