In honor of the drought in California I'm going to disclose how relatable this list is and tell you my emotions on bottled water.
  1. Mountain Valley Spring
    Glass bottles is really the closure here for me because I feel better about myself using glass and I always like things to be about me.
  2. VOSS
    This water is expensive and silly and once @nicolerichie ordered water and got this baby and uttered "how rich"
  3. Fiji
    Fine. Just fine
  4. Arrowhead
    @hellogiggles goes through gallons of these and it makes me happy to work with hydrated humans
  5. Real water
    I don't know what alkalized water is but it feels special
  6. Icelandic water
    Been seeing a lot of these and mostly at airports and it feels safe and very international.
  7. Dasani
    GET away from me you monster
  8. Aquafina
    Never gonna happen
  9. Smart water
    This water can be found in many celeb fridges cc @bjnovak @ricky and for the right reasons!
  10. Essential water
    They serve this where I workout so it's more situational for me here.
  11. Evian
    Best of the best
    Suggested by   @natasha
  12. Box Water
    I feel hip, happening, and eco friendly when I drink it. I'd say, taste wise, it is closest to Arrowhead.
    Suggested by   @Caroline