Draft week @john.. This list tells a story of a very bored child but the good news is that I'm making up for it by being a very curious adult.
  1. La Brea tarpits
    SOOOOOO boring! And it takes 15 minutes to explore and 13 of them are spent watching this video about tar and dinosaurs.
  2. Knott's Berry Farm
    Not scary farm which is the best! I realized that the jam my grandmother used was the same one from knott's and that was cool.
  3. Raging waters
    A random threw up in the large pool area and they evacuated everyone
  4. Set of In Living color
    Watched the fly girls rehearse. Jacqueline Cinulanit sad did something there but I never asked.
  5. Penguin frozen yogurt factory
    This might have started my obsession.
  6. natural history museum
    Boring but chill
  7. LA zoo
    Nothing impressed us and it seemed like app the animals were sleeping
  8. California Science Center IMAX theater
    No idea what we saw but it felt exciting
  9. California space shuttle endeavour
    We all discovered astronaut ice cream and my mom gave me too much spending movie so I bought some for all my friends
  10. gene autry museum
    The bummer is that it's across the zoo and we went on different days. Made no sense then and no sense now.
  11. Griffith Observatory
    I tried to ditch the show but I didn't and it impressed me but I still didn't feel that impressed. As an adult I love it so!
  12. grauman's Chinese theater
    We didn't even see a movie!
  13. Heal the bay
    We picked up traffic from the beach (malibu, very rough place)with other schools and I knew a few friends from AYSO soccer so I was really happy.
  14. mission Santa ines
    It was so cool! All the missions were so beautiful and I made a clay replicate and killed it.
  15. Market Basket
    In 4th grade we literally went to a grocery store for a field trip. We got a tour of the back freezer and then I threw up on the bus (unrelated).
    Suggested by @sky
  16. N/A
    I went to public school in deep Riverside. There was no budget in the district for field trips, so I don't know what they're like. We did have drug dogs every 4th period though.
    Suggested by @bobbyhundreds
  17. Ballona Wetlands
    pretty sure this "field trip" was actually just we all volunteered to pick up litter and weed out invasive plants? i remember it being a lot of work and really hot, and feeling like forced labor, but it was probably like 30 min in the sun, tbh. also felt like we were on a righteous path, which really shows you how hippy our school was
    Suggested by @maya
  18. The Soulard Farmers Market in St. Louis
    The Soulard Farmers Market is one of the oldest farmers markets in the U.S., with a history reaching back to 1779! In grade school we went there and my murky memory of it was it being dark and grimy. My mom gave me some spending cash and I bought 2 sugarcanes because the vendor told me that's what sugar came from and I had never seen them before. When I got home, my mom didn't know what to do with them so we cut them up and sucked at the pulp for dessert. It was sweet & grassy flavored.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  19. Catalina Island
    We did every class trip to Catalina, to either Camp Fox or Emerald Bay. They always made us jump off the dock into the freezing cold water to see if we could swim. With life jackets on, but still.
    Suggested by @Nikki
  20. Plimoth Plantation / Sturbridge Village
    Who is with me, former children of Massachusetts? At Plimoth (the irritating instance on some bullshit historical spelling principle!) the historical reenactors would insist on playing dumb about anything post-1620. Infuriating! At Sturbridge they were much more chill, and you could relax and be semi-hypnotized by the cooper making barrel staves or whatever.
    Suggested by @helytimes