1. sitting on the staircase drinking sake inside Katsuya Studio City location waiting for your table for 45 mins
  2. CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) it's the best one! Best tables and spacious layout
  3. Driving around stoned it feels like an empty holiday weekend every day!
  4. Driving around seeing all the intense holiday decorations on random streets.
  5. BH 90210 houses for Kelly & Steve are a few blocks from each other.
  6. color me mine /studio city! my first job at 16 but I worked at the Beverly Hills one but would have loved the valley 1
  7. Michael's (art supply) in Encino is just dope
  8. Barnes & Noble :Bookstar Studio city. Fun book store in an old theater and they have a kids section with fun readings.
  9. RIP THE BAJA FRESH THERE @onlinealison @EthanDawes