I'm in a real grateful place (this list cult brings it out it me) let's all add things we are grateful for but be serious or I won't be grateful for that!
  1. Bring a friend to work day @dev
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  2. The pleasure of sleep
  3. Awesome 3 hour morning ride in Topanga with @brettcleaver. We are donuts.
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    Suggested by @dev
  4. I'm great fun for the way Viola Davis says "Haw to get awayyyyyyye with murrrrderrrr" in the pilot/trailer. @chloewepper
    Suggested by @mwepper
  5. Spending a beautiful California day at the Getty villa with my grandma in town from Michigan
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    Suggested by @mia
  6. My dad coming over when I'm sick to watch TV 😍😍😍
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    Suggested by @lenadunham
  7. @lesleyarfin for reminding me and guiding me in the importance of gratitude lists
  8. Finally not traveling and getting to spend the whole day puttering around the house tying up loose ends!
    Suggested by @laure
  9. Archangel Michael!
    Suggested by @natasha
  10. I get to look at these adorable faces all the time.
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    Suggested by @StaceyV
  11. My life with @lexzie and #avathedragon
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    Suggested by @johnnyartpants
  12. My Nephew James. He just went through his first Easter and made it out relatively unscathed.
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    Suggested by @HydeYourLunch