Here are some useful tips & phrases on how to be passive aggressive most people (therapist,healers, humans) will say this isn't good for you but.. You know what's not good for you being AGGRESSIVE!
  1. Sounds fun
    If you have to respond with "sounds fun" chances are it doesn't sound fun to you. Fun doesn't need to sound fun it should be fun.
  2. If anyone is going to Starbucks let me know
    This translate to i really want starbucks but Asking for it will make me feel rude.
  3. Is this your favorite song?
    This means that I hate this song and I want you to have to respond with really defending loving song and so I'll make you self aware that it's not your favorite and then you will change it.
  4. You decide I'm not hungry yet
    SURPRISE! I'm starving like really hungry but I can't bare to choose so I'll just let you decide and we roll the dice if I love or hate your choice.
  5. Do you think it's too bright in here?
    Guess what!!!! I do not like 99 cent store level bright and I'm light sensitive in a beautiful way.
  6. Did you grow up in an AC loving house?
    This is where I try to use your past as a way to understand why you are making your guests dwell in below human level temp
  7. No problem
    I said the word problem I clearly have a problem
  8. Don't worry about it
    Maybe don't worry about it now but you might to worry about it soon
  9. Has this (insert item) always been here?
    I want his removed immediately but I can't just say that it would be AGRESSIVE
  10. "Sure, we can do that"
    You definitely don't want to do that but will do so if forced. The person forcing will likely regret it later.
    Suggested by @aringrose
  11. "When you get the chance..."
    Translation: DO THIS NOW.
    Suggested by @kflinn1
  12. "Well..."
    @liana classic for "not in a billion years, buddy." It has to go with a half-cocked head tilt though.
    Suggested by @videodrew
  13. Sure
    Obviously said an octave higher than you usually speak
    Suggested by @sam