Happy birthday to our queen editor in chief @jenn @hellogiggles & cutie @evelyn
  1. Pizza parties
    800 degrees pizza is 💯 and the address is 800 whilshire isn't that cute?
  2. Cake cake cake
    Big sugar bakery (gluten free)
  3. Ice cream
    McConnell's is the best ice cream and it's in grand central market and the flavors are fancy but tastes not fancy
  4. Ryan gosling
    The office loves him. I do not love him. But I love my office
  5. Be really obvious that the cake is coming by lighting the candles in front of the birthday girls
  6. Ask everyone to come to the conference asap or I threatened to eat it all.
  7. @clarevivier gifts! Are the best! Please get me these gifts and anyone you love. Her bags make you feel Parisian but not the snobby kind the dope kind
  8. Sage the office before anything to make sure you clear the bad vibes
  9. Birthday vibes are pretend it's summer Friday because of the weather
  10. Collapse on the conference room floor and await the inevitable sugar coma.
    Suggested by   @kayleigh