I think I manifested this cold by saying I never get colds. Please help me remove this. I'm open to anything and everything.
  1. Please cure me
  2. Eat a (minced) clove of raw garlic before bed.
    You won't smell great for the first half of the next day
    Suggested by @jesseno
  3. Oil of oregano and lots of water and sleep
    Suggested by @laure
  4. Are you sure it isn't allergies?
    Suggested by @laure
  5. Sliced lemon, fresh ginger, and water....boil. Pour in fancy mug and add large spoonful of raw honey. Drink and repeat all day long.
    Suggested by @brooke
  6. Coconut water, blue Gatorade, hot green tea. Coldeez cough drops - honey lemon. Ibuprofen. TV.
    Suggested by @audrey
  7. Go to a sauna and sweat out the garlic
    Suggested by @jesseno
  8. Hot water, tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, tablespoon of honey. Repeat all the livelong day.
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx
  9. Vitamin C and Zinc
    Suggested by @dball
    Need one pair of wet cotton socks and one pair of dry wool socks. Before bed, make sure your feet are already warm and put the soaked-and-wrung-dry cotton on first followed by the dry wool. Make sure the wool socks totally cover the cotton. Sleep! Improves circulation and speeds tissue healing. This is super weird and super real.
    Suggested by @sloan
  11. Cool Touch Tissues (by Kleenex)
    These things are amazing because the tissues have aloe Vera infused into them, so when you use them the tissue feels really cold! That's not even the best part- they are really good for your skin and don't cause that dry red patch of skin under your nose!
    Suggested by @LuvJulia
  12. Tea with raw honey, as hot as possible
    Breathe the steam to clear your sinuses, and drink slowly to give the honey a chance to soothe your throat.
    Suggested by @teo
  13. Zinc
    Buy some Cold-Eez and keep sucking on them throughout the day.
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  14. Wellness formula
    Buy the capsules not the tablets otherwise they taste like butt
    Suggested by @ruddybuddy
  15. Neti Pot
    They are gross and totally hippie but are helpful when your sinuses are freaking out.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  16. Sleep, tons of water, and Advil cold & sinus!
    Suggested by @Grosstastic