American game show my foreign family loved. Basically you have a small amount of time to load your cart with the most items and the cart that costs the most wins! My strategy! Open to suggestions !
  1. Vitamins on vitamins on vitamins
    I would just do one full sweep of these little gems. Start directly by going to the probiotic section and then move towards anything that has to do with prenatal
  2. Alcohol
    People often suggest this to me as being something that should be first as if I've never considered it! Similar to cigarettes (gross) most of the expensive stuff is locked up tight! And we do not have time for that! If your teammate knows fine wine I would risk it but not on my team babe! I would say a few bottles of vodka,whiskey and rum is a nice addition
  3. Nuts
    Trust me! The smaller the container and package the more expensive! Clearly my strategy Is small items but open to suggestions.
  4. All gluten free products
    Have you seen how expensive gluten free stuff is? Don't go for too many big breads they take up space though. Focus on the tortillas and just stack EM up!
  5. Ice cream
    The more it seems less like actually original ice cream the more expensive. Sorbets are included here
  6. Cheeses
    My issue here is that I again like alcohol I don't know the lay of the land well enough to explore but I know there are some great options for all the money bags out there that know about cheese!
  7. Cut fruit
    Just came up with this one not flushed out but there is something there
  8. Juices
    Everyone is always talking about how expensive juice has become and here is where your knowledge can pay off!
  9. Truffle butter.
    Suggested by @shannon
  10. Jerkey!!!!
    Suggested by @maggiemcguane
  11. Organic red meats-- specifically corned beef
    $30+ per pre-packaged cut. St. Patrick's Day dinner for 7 cost me 2 arms and a leg and a half
    Suggested by @leahmw
  12. Diapers!
    Especially the fancy kind they must sell at Whole Foods. I fucking loved Supermarket Sweep - "next time you're at the checkout counter and you hear that beep......."
    Suggested by @mandi
  13. Any packaged food that contain the words "Superfood" on it!
    Granola with goji berries! Mueslix with dried mulberries! Snack sized packages of cacao nibs! If it's a superfood it's expensive.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  14. Anything with chia in it
    ESPECIALLY a full bag of chia seeds. Adhering to your small but valuable strategy.
    Suggested by @sally
  15. Bulk spices
    Suggested by @elooto
  16. Olive Oil
    Suggested by @paigeyp