Are you down? Or not down?
  1. Camping
    Not like fully down but could be down if it involved beautiful nature not the too hot or too cold kind of nature
  2. Running a marathon
    Sounds like something that would be great for me to feel like I accomplished something mind and body focused but marathon training lifestyle is not that something I normally would be down with.
  3. Scuba diving
    I've heard it's calming and etc but it doesn't feel the safest for my anxiety but because people I think are dope are into it, I could be down.
  4. Ski vacations
    Not something I'm drawn to but love the cozy activities that surround a ski vacation
  5. Skydiving
    Down to try it if I find a place that accepts my weight. Not down to pay a lot extra.
    Suggested by @p
  6. An 8 hour hike
    Doesn't sound like this is good for my knees or back. Let's do the 1.5 hour version.
    Suggested by @esther
  7. Sky Diving
    Eliminate the part where there is free falling without the parachute and we can talk. But jumping out of a plane with nothing slowing you down, even if only for a few seconds, can I get a hell no? Does this even burn calories gtfo
    Suggested by @esther
  8. Backpacking through Europe
    Want to take me to Europe? Let's do it the way Gigi Hadid would. Europe isn't for sweat, dirt, or exercise. It's for being non gluten-free in Western Europe.
    Suggested by @esther
  9. Conference calls
    I can't even stand talking on the phone but I could be down if it there was no agenda and there was some cool people on the line. We could talk about Rupaul's Drag Race or something. This used I be called a party line, right? I like parties. Is Andrew W.K. On @list yet? If not, why not? Sorry, got off topic. Such is life on a party line.
    Suggested by @jeremysomething
  10. Training for a marathon
    It does not feel like my thing but that could also be what would someday excite me about doing it, since it's something I never ever imagined I'd do.
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  11. Designing and building a desk or dining table.
    I once had a boyfriend hand-make me shelves for above my bed, and it was a surprisingly sexy gift. I'd love to be the type of person who makes a gorgeous desk out of reclaimed wood. But I fear I am the type of person who excitedly buys lots of reclaimed wood and then leaves it sitting in her garage for 3 years.
    Suggested by @Suzanne
  12. Make it glamping and I'm super down, setting up your own tent, less down.. Could be down, if there was a campfire and singing
    Suggested by @dena
  13. Being a brat cause I'm bored
    Suggested by @bjnovak