Someone take me to CPK asap
  1. You have to call it CPK
    You don't have to but you sort of HAVE to!
  2. They invented BBQ chicken pizza
  3. Spinach artichoke dip
    You can ask for only black tortilla chips! Do that!
  4. Bread/butter
    Not the best bread and not the best butter but it's sort of the best. The butter packets are so small you need like 5 per bread
  5. They let you order kid sizes not as w kid
    This means you can share a few with friends! I love plain with pineapple but I have to be open and let my friends get Thai and bbq
  6. Instead of sprite it's Sierra mist
    On the low Sierra mist is dope
  7. Salads
    Honestly all of them! Chopped, bbq! And on the BBQ salad you have to mix dresses so it feels like you made it yourself
  8. First restaurant to go to with friends sans grownup
  9. When people order wine there it's weird
  10. Thai chicken pizza
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  11. Kung Pao Spaghetti
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  12. Two In A Bowl!
    Two soups, one bowl. 😛
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx
  13. Best Arnold Palmers
    Perfect parts lemonade to iced tea.
    Suggested by @paigeyp
  14. They put goldfish in the kids menu salad! It tastes way better than croutons💯
    Suggested by @LuvJulia
  15. White Bean Hummus & Pita appetizer
    only $7 and you get a LOT of hummus and pita (and it is pretty good).
    Suggested by @dana