Your cheat sheet for tips, best practices, and everything else you should know so you can be a BOSS! Also, sorry if this sounds bossy!
  1. List openly!
    Personal feelings, guilty pleasures, controversial topics, or anything taboo is all fair game here. It's safe here, promise! Lean into those EMOTIONS it's a form of personal freedom!
  2. Proper formatting is greatly appreciated
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    Notice how I have a short list item and then longer descriptive text here? It just makes it easier to read and an overall more enjoyable experience for everyone. You can add photos and locations, too! Here's a photo of the beach and the location where I took it! I'm sorry if this feels bossy!
  3. Always like a post that you comment on or Relist
    It's selfish not to. I'm making this moral list compass but go for it!
  4. Never be too shy to request a list!
    People actually want you to! Promise! Who doesn't want to be asked what they think, know, and feel? And since List Requests are private, no harm and no foul if they go unresponded to. Make the first move it's safe here!
  5. Suggest things!
    That ➕ sign means a list is open for suggestions. Don't leave someone hanging, suggest something! You are an expert or have great access to experts here. This is where you can show your dopeness
  6. Don't feel pressure to accept every suggestion to your open list
    It's YOUR list, so own it. If you don't like a suggestion for whatever reason, don't add it. Simple as that. DO YOU!
  7. Do not be mean or snarky about real people.
    I'll let you be your own moral compass and decide who is real to you. Go big on fictional people! Keep the vibe chill
  8. adores creative writing
    Short stories in list form, poems, haikus... list it all!
  9. Lists can be as short or as long as you want
    Unless you want your list to be longer than 99 points - can't go beyond that. But that's enough for Jay-Z so it should be enough for you.
  10. Comment on people's lists - even randos!
    Seriously, comment and engage people on here as much as you can. It's worth it.
  11. Links are dope
    Link to your heart's content (no gross stuff, please!)
  12. Photos are also dope
    Make lookbooks, mini-albums of your last vacation, show us your best outfits - photos are the best so include them whenever you can!
  13. Don't be cheap with your likes
    Once in awhile make it rain likes. Ball out and just go on a liking spree.
  14. Embrace drafts
    Sometimes you'll have a great idea for a list but not have time to finish it. Make a draft. Sometimes you'll have a great idea for a list, make a draft, and then never share it with the world - that's cool, too! List for yourself.
  15. Reply to comments
    Let's keep the vibe going, guys. You can left swipe a comment to automatically start the reply.
  16. When you see a new user, make them feel safe and welcomed.
    Attack them with list requests. Comment on their lists. Let them know this is a cool space and they are welcome here.
  17. Steal someone's list!
    You can long-press a list title and make the same list for yourself. Don't worry, the original author will get credit.
  18. Emojis are 💯💯💯💯💯💯
    Do not use them sparingly. Flood my home feed in emojis.
  19. Go on a search scavenger hunt
    There are tens of thousands of lists on here - start searching for random stuff and see what you find!
  20. Bottom line: be cool
    Cool means being nice, engaging, honest, and original.
  21. Wait! Save all the lists you think are dope you are gonna wanna refer to them! Trust
    Use the 💾 emoji to show your Saved love!