These are the official rules. J/kkkk but let's consider @dev @bjnovak
  1. Always like a post that you comment on or relist . It's selfish not to.
  2. Never be too shy to request a list. People actually want you to! Promise! Who doesn't want to be asked what they think, know or feel?
  3. Consider the suggestions from your comments but don't get bossed around and feel like you MUST add them! because you wrote the list so you do you (FYI you add the suggestions to your list by double tapping the suggestion)
  4. Don't be nervous to list personal feelings, guilty pleasures and controversial anything. It's real safe here and watch the positive feedback flow. It's great for reassurance and compliments to oversharing on this thing.
  5. Do not be mean or snarky about real people. I'll let you be your own moral compass and decide who is real to you. Go big on fictional people!
  6. List can be as short or long as you want
  7. Comment on people's post even randos as much as you can. It's worth it.
  8. Don't feel rushed or overthink answering your requested list. The person requested something from you clearly you are dope.
  9. Don't be cheap with your likes . Ball out and just go a liking spree once an awhile.
  10. Check it before you check other apps because it's better for your brain
  11. Enjoy making your saved drafts as much as your published ones
  12. Do not care about grammar here (that's for me but I still mean it) typos's I feel are different but open to discussing (edit option is great)
  13. Suggest things!
    Even if you were not asked do it anyway, that sort of behavior is encouraged here
  14. Reply to comments
    Let's keep the vibe going guys
  15. All caps can we used as an art form see @lesleyarfin for examples
  16. When you see a new user make them feel safe and welcomed by attacking them with a list request! @bjnovak Fun Facts About Me or People I'm Told I Look Like
  17. Starting list games is encouraged! Everyone loves a game!
  18. Creative writing is adored here. Short stories in list, poems in lists all that
  19. Emojis are 💯
  20. Links are helpful
  21. Photos are useful (keep it rated R) right @dev ?
  22. Search gets you some exciting results! from tacos to feelings you will be pleased. Don't be shy to search @bjnovak
  23. Trending stories are a legit fun example of what trending should really mean
  24. Don't stress about whether or not to accept a suggestion (by double-tapping to add to your list). Suggestions are different for every person & every list. Some lists are very personal takes, and suggestions are still visible to everyone, so suggestions don't have to be taken to be appreciated.
    Including this one!
    Suggested by @bjnovak